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Don’t Know Where To Start
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You just want to find something to invest, something that gives you solid returns consistently, but don’t know where to start?

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These Few Bad Situations

You search online and get bombarded with so many contradicting information! From fixed deposits, unit trusts to forex and Stashaway. Which one is the best? Where do you begin?

Stocks You Cannot Even Buy!

Others might suggest you stocks that you may not even have access to buy! (Amazon, Tesla etc)

Asking You to Be
A Trader!

Others might suggest you become a trader, with no prior experience!

Fake Gurus Asking You to Buy Courses!

Worst of all, some might ask you to buy an expensive course that teaches nothing. Fake gurus!


The Same Problems Before

We also have made all the mistakes you can imagine! After years of investment success, we are here to show you the EXACT investment you, as a Malaysian can jump in today.

Our recommendations are

Why are we giving these valuable investment recommendations for free?

We partner with the various financial institutions which allows us to receive a referral commission whenever our referral invests in one of their products. Just like a property agent or insurance agent, more similarly to iMoney, Loanstreet. However, We specializes in investments.

Who are the InvestGuys?

We’re not some hedge fund guys or investment bankers. We’re a startup that aims to educate you the importance of investments and to invest only in the right and suitable channels to ensure you meet your investment objectives. It could be to quit your job, pursue your dreams, diversify or just for retirement.

So how do we know which investment is best for you?

We click on all the investment ads that are shown to us. We invest in all sectors ourselves. From stocks, bonds, CFDs to startups and cryptos. Finding the right one is difficult, and we know the average working adult has no time to shift through the junk to get to the gold.

How can we trust you?

We are not selling you a course. We’re just here to educate you. At the end of the day, it is your decision to invest or not. Trust us, our reputation means more to us than any short term profit.
We are investing in you.

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