Depending on your consumer group, the expression “second-hand”, can evoke one of two emotions: savings opportunity or scepticism about the possibility of purchasing items that have been worn by, touched, and manipulated by their past owners.

However, second-hand can be more beneficial for the environment as well as saving you tons of money. You might be concerned about hygiene or whether used items will last as long as new items.

Knowing which items are worth buying second-hand can be a key to successful purchasing. Here are eight reasons to consider buying second-hand.

1. Electronics

It’s difficult to check everything that could go wrong when buying second-hand tech. You can check whether a laptop boots up and if it flickers. But you might miss out on other things such as a dead battery, corrupted files, or a failing hard disk.

Additionally, certain types of tech, such as phones and laptops, can be obsolete quickly. Others, like headphones or consoles for gaming, can last a few more years.

If you are willing to take the chance, it is a good idea meet the seller in person, in a safe and public place, so you can inspect the tech. Buy something that is still under warranty. This will save you money later on if there are any problems.

2. Accessory and clothing

Shopping for second-hand clothes is a great way to save money when you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe.

Parents will also know that children outgrow clothes at an alarming rate. This means you can often find second-hand clothing for children and infants that are barely worn at a fraction the price of new.

3. Tools

Are you moving to a new area? You might consider purchasing second-hand tools if you don’t plan on using them often. You can get a lot out of your investment if you buy high-quality tools.

It’s easy to check for flaws in simple tools such as hammers, wrenches, and screwdrivers. If their working surfaces are in good condition, they should be fine. Power tools can be more difficult to inspect for defects. You should inspect a used power tool in person if you are considering buying one.

4. Exercise equipment

The cost of fitness equipment will depend on your training goals and preferences. You might consider buying large equipment, such as treadmills and rope machines, second-hand. These equipment can also be difficult to inspect for wear and safety features.

Smaller equipment, such as dumbbells and pull-up bars, are safer to buy second-hand because the signs of wear are easily visible. You might also be able to find small weightlifting equipment, such as dumbbells, second-hand.

5. Books, comic books and graphic novels are all available.

Pre-owned comic books, graphic books, and other printed media provide the same content and reading experience that new books. If you are looking to reduce your spending, then second-hand is the best option. However, be aware that graphic novels and comic books can end up costing more than newer reprints. These are the most popular.

You may have to accept some inconveniences, such as dog-eared pages or creased spines. However, you should be able physically to flip through the books to find out if there are any imperfections. You will know what you are getting before you purchase a used book from a used-book site.

Second-hand books can be purchased starting at a few Ringgit on Carousell and other sites such as Books N Bobs.

If you have the money, you could buy a book every once in awhile. You’d also be supporting the author.

6. CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, etc.

Some people still enjoy collecting physical media, despite the many streaming options available. If this sounds like you, you will know that building your collection of music, movies, and video games can be expensive. Carousell makes it easy to find second-hand CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays for as low as two ringgit.

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