The MCO has had a profound impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of rice bowls. Many people have created small businesses to remain afloat.

You can find people who promote a wide range of businesses on any social media platform.

This is a great time to start a side-hustle. Here are some options. Some of these businesses may require that you learn the skills and practice them first. Once you have it, you can begin to monetize it.

Catering and food

Everyone has found food as a refuge during the MCO. Even before the pandemic, people ordered food online. However, since dine-ins are now prohibited, we have had to order food on GrabFood and FoodPanda more often.

You can start a catering business if you are a chef who is able to create delicious meals. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to prepare meals for hundreds of people.

You can also open a bakery or dessert business. Pre-orders can be taken so you don’t have to make the item until it is requested.

You should take a typhoid jab to deal with food and a Kursus Pengendalian Makanan food handling course.

Gifting services

Lockdowns prevent you from having gatherings, from missing birthdays, and other celebrations.

Many people turn to to send gifts to their loved ones in these times. You might consider starting your own gifting business if you are creative and enjoy making people’s lives better.

You can create gift hampers and gift boxes according to the tastes of your customers . This can make it more fun. To add more items to your service, you can work with florists and bakers.

Another benefit of a gifting business, is that people will always want to celebrate important occasions all year. Once you have a steady clientele, you might get contacted by people looking for gifts.

Handmade jewellery/home decor

Many people have been able to unleash their creativity through the MCO, particularly in arts and crafts. Since last year, the number of resin and polymer clay jewellery companies has exploded. There has been an increase in handmade candles, soaps and cement art.

Many of the materials required to make these items can be found easily. However, you will need enough space to store them. This would be ideal if there is extra space.

You might need to practice making these products before you sell them . Begin by making a few pieces and giving them to family members for feedback. You can start your own business once you feel you have mastered it.

Dropship agent

Are you afraid to start your business? No worries. You can sell your products to many businesses. Dropshipping groups can be joined on Facebook or searched for #dropshipwanted on Instagram.

Dropship agents are needed by hundreds, if certainly thousands, of businesses. The work scope can vary from one business to the next. You might be required to sell and store their products. Others might only require you to market their business and not store any product. For every sale, you’ll be paid a commission.

Make sure the dropship agency is legit before you sign up. You can ask for the registration number and other pertinent information. Also, ensure that other dropship agents have been receiving their payments.

Content creation

We all consume a lot of social media content. We can scroll through apps like Instagram or TikTok for hours without realizing it.

You don’t have to be shy about taking photos. Instead, create engaging and creative videos that people will enjoy. You can also create tart a lifestyle blog if you love writing!

Content creation is not easy. It won’t make you rich immediately. If you are able to attract the right people , you might become an influencer. You might get approached by companies for collaborations and features on your page, which could lead to income.

Sell indoor plants

The MCO also has facilitated an increase in the number of plant parents (this writer is one such parent). Online nurseries have boomed in recent years. This is a great option if you are a green thumb.

You can see that storing plants requires a lot of space. You can sell small plants like succulents or tiny flowering plants, but you can begin on a smaller scale.

You can provide other essentials like soil, pots, gardening tools, etc.

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