“Baby! I don’t need dollars to have fun tonight!” – Cheap Thrills Sia

She’s right. Good entertainment doesn’t always need to be expensive. While money can afford us luxury such as flying the world in first-class aircraft, enjoying Omakase in Tokyo’s heart, or riding a ski across the frozen lake under the northern lights, there are many other entertainment options that we can enjoy without spending a lot of money.

Even though our grandparents didn’t have tablets, TVs or flat-screen TVs back then, they found ways to survive. We’d love to introduce you to some other ways to make the most of your free time without spending a lot on expensive gadgets.

Reduce your dining out

Ordering takeout or eating out is one of the first things you should cut back on. This would obviously be more costly than cooking at home. The difference in cost between cooking at home and dining out is staggering.

We don’t deny that eating out is cool. You get to try different cuisines, even those that are difficult to prepare at home. If you don’t pay attention, these bills can quickly add up. It’s a good idea to have a plan of when you will eat out. This can be either once per week or once per month depending on your budget.

You can make your family laugh by trying new dishes and dancing to your favorite tunes at home.

Take a hike

Instead of searching for indoor activities, consider going outside.

Go on a hike with friends. You can find many beautiful hiking trails in Malaysia with no entrance fees. There may also be a waterfall along the way. A little digital detox can help our mental health.

You don’t have to go hiking. If you’re able, you can go extreme sports, like fishing, camping, or just enjoy a picnic in the park. It’s important to spend less time in front of screens or at the malls. Spend a few minutes with nature every now and again.

You’d need to wait until the MCO is done before these activities can be allowed again. You can plan ahead!

Subscribe to a Shared Subscription

We are now back inside.

It is absurd to believe that we can entertain ourselves with only free entertainment. Sometimes we just want to see the latest movies as soon as they are released. This shouldn’t be a luxury.

Most subscriptions can be shared, which is a good thing. Netflix, Spotify, Disney+, and Disney+ all offer family packages that lower your per-head cost. You don’t need a family to start saving, but you can find friends who do and you can share your savings with them.

You can cancel subscriptions that you no longer need or are not interested in. It is not worth keeping them alive. You can always cancel if you feel you need to.

Borrow books

Although books are an excellent resource for entertainment and knowledge they can also be expensive.

Next time you feel tempted to buy a book from a bookstore because it is new or looks nice, make sure to check with your local library before you do. Many of the popular and literary classics are already in our libraries.

You’ll save money and be more likely finish the project in a time frame.

Podcast listening

There are many podcasts available on the Internet today. You’ll find podcasts that suit your needs, from personal finances to crime discussion , book reviews, and comedy.

Podcasts can be a great source of motivation and can help you to cut down on your cable TV subscription.

Podcasts are an alternative to costly entertainment, and we’re not arguing about which one is best.

Reduce your internet bill

To stream or download a 4K movie, it takes approximately 25Mbps.

Our average Internet speed in Malaysia is 100Mbps. This depends on how much traffic it receives, the server speed, and the environment. There are many ways to save money on your Internet bills.

High-speed Internet can be convenient but you don’t get more if you are able to surf the Internet quickly. Double-check your bill to see if you are paying more than you should. That’s extra money in your pocket!

Here are some money-saving tips for air conditioners:

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