You can save money by being more cautious with your credit card use and earn more benefits. We have listed some credit cards that could offer you this opportunity. Find out more about how it works.

Have you ever been told to pay only in cash by someone? Cash seems to be safer, more efficient, and better than cash in all aspects.

We all know credit cards have a bad reputation. This is not for good reasons. Although credit card debt is an issue, it isn’t the problem. Poor financial management is!

Let’s return to the original question. Credit cards do more than allow you to purchase what you need or want before you have the cash to pay it off. Credit cards reward you for spending so we suggest that you spend what you already have.

These are just a few of the many ways that a credit card can be an excellent investment in your finances.

1. Sign up gifts are available for new credit cards

Comparison sites such as CompareHero and banks offer promotions that encourage users to sign up to specific credit cards. This incentive can be used to get a gift you like. You should read the terms carefully before you sign up. While some gifts are guaranteed, others may not be as lucky. (E.g. each 40th successful applicant.)

If you are looking to furnish your home with essential appliances, it would be great if you could apply for a credit card and score a new vacuum or air fryer.

Check out our current credit card promo . You should grab the promotion that interests you as soon as possible.

2. As you spend, you can earn reward points

Credit card rewards are something you would already be aware of. You would already know that credit card rewards exist. How else could banks encourage you to get credit cards?

You can earn points for every purchase, depending on which card you have. You can check your points at the end of each month or year to see how many you have accumulated and then redeem any that you desire or need. Our favorite? Shopping vouchers!

3. You can receive actual cashback on your account

There are cards that will give you cash back for spending, which is different from cards that offer reward points. You may or not receive reward points if you spend cash back. It all depends on the card you have.

Cashbacks work by the user making a purchase anywhere. At the end of each cycle, you pay your dues to receive your cashback benefit, e.g. A total of, for example, RM30 per month will be credited to your account as a rebate.

This sounds great, but banks can often impose limits on your cashback benefits.

4. Branded credit cards can offer additional rewards

What are branded credit card? They are simply the result of a partnership between a bank and a credit card issuer. They work just like any other credit card but have additional benefits that allow you to save money or receive rewards for spending in their business.

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