Let’s now turn our attention towards the magic stream of ‘free income’ that companies pay just for having their stocks: Dividends.

You are not investing in stocks to earn dividends. Instead, you are investing for the cash flow/passive income and the peace of mind that it brings. Dividends are more reliable than savings accounts earning 2% interest because they increase with inflation.

For me, dividend investing means that I invest long-term and aim to make enough money to support my lifestyle.

Yellow Gold vs White Gold

We have already pointed out that investing in gold jewelry is not the best type of investment. However, it is even more dangerous if you choose to invest in white gold. White gold is less resaleable than yellow gold. The mixture of pure and alloy gives white gold its unique “white” colour. White gold is less valuable than yellow gold because it contains less alloy. However, this also means that the purity (karat), of your gold jewellery will be less. White gold is also a bad investment. It is fine to buy it if it appeals to you and you can afford it. However, it is not recommended that you invest in white gold.


You are more likely to wear gold jewelry than keep it safe. But, gold jewellery comes with higher risks. There are potential for theft or even loss due to catastrophes. It is kept away, in contrast to investing in unit trusts. If your gold jewellery is stolen or lost, it becomes an “investment”.

It is more sentimental and often passed down from generation to generation. Gold jewellery has a higher value than silver. Because of its sentimental value, it is not something you would want to sell. The risk of losing it due to theft or another buyer is something that money can’t buy.

Where should you invest?

You might consider investing your money in more lucrative types of investments. You can invest in unit trusts, fixed deposits or the stock market. If you still want to invest in gold, but not in gold jewellery, then do so. It is better to invest in solid gold, such as bullion (gold bar) or gold coins.

Apart from that, you should look into the best ways to invest gold such as through gold investments accounts. You can invest in Malaysia through CIMB Gold Investment Account or Kuwait Finance House Gold Account (i), and Maybank Gold Investment Account.

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