Here’s the problem: Many young executives and graduates are complaining that the cost of living has risen at a faster rate than their salaries. Some of them expressed an interest in investing in stocks, and others said they would consider other options. Many of them don’t know where or how to begin.

We have some good news. Bursa Market Place, Bursa Malaysia Bhd has made it easier to invest in stock for Malaysians. It’s a fully integrated exchange platform that offers a full range of exchange-related services, including clearing, settlement, trading, and depository services. It is also completely free to the public.

BursaMarket Place is an online platform that gives investors access to relevant information and tools. It has simple layout and user-friendly features. This is a brief guide to how you can access these tools and features.


This page is the main page. It contains the most recent news and hot topics. It’s a sort of menu that displays all the information you need to view or use next.

Start your own business

Here you can find and use multiple tools to analyze stocks based upon volume trading, price movements, and dividend payouts. These tools can be used to help you understand and analyze the stocks.

  • Analyst Consensus

Combines the research from different analysts and presents them together as one number or opinion. This is meant to give traders a better understanding of the company’s future performance.

  • Stock Screener

This tool is designed to assist traders in finding stocks that meet their investment criteria and strategies. Screening is based on several financial parameters, including market capitalisation, share prices, earnings growth, dividend, and price over earnings ratio.

  • Alpha Factor

Standard & Poor’s developed the Alpha Factor, a quantitative tool that tracks price momentum and historical growth. It also tracks earnings quality. These five factors are displayed on heat maps, which rank companies from 1 to 5. These parameters allow you to review the company’s fundamentals and quality.

  • Heat Maps

This monitors the performance of the market and ranks the best and worst performers based on five categories: Activity, Profitability Market Cap, Percentage Price Movement, Absolute Price Movement, and Market Cap. This tool combines the share prices of all companies using different colors.

  • Daily Espresso

This tool allows investors to see if real market statistics support the analyst’s recommendation for a share (counter). It combines the opinions of professional stock analysts (analyst consensus), with computer-generated Alpha Factor algorithms which track real market performance. This tool is easier to use and


This page contains basic information about how to use the website’s tools, as well as training materials, videos, and brochures from experts. This page is useful for beginners and anyone who wants to learn more about investing, and the different types of investment products on Bursa Malaysia.

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