We are closing 2020. Take deep breaths of relief! With hopes for a great 2021, it’s not hard to see that many things have changed during this difficult year. Abuden, got COVID19 ma!
However, some things will never change, such as the gift-giving season and year-end holidays. It’s a time for both you and your loved ones to be thankful to each other for another year.

Before you rush to the nearest mall and beagin to check off your Christmas gift list, let us remind you to take a moment to reflect.

2020 was a difficult year for many people financially. To help your loved ones achieve their financial goals or pursue their dreams, consider investing-themed gifts this Christmas.

If you are still not sure what we mean let our 5 list of investment gift ideas do the explaining!

1. Buy someone some gold

Gold is a safe investment option because of its stability even during times of crisis, and its general increase in value over the years.

It’s even more amazing! It is an investment instrument that has a physical form. This means you can give it as a beautiful gift to someone. You can simply go to a trusted jeweller or Public Gold and purchase the amount you prefer. Once you have purchased your desired amount, pack it up and deliver it to the intended recipient.

You could also create an account on an online trading platform like HelloGold if you wish to buy gold in the name of someone else in small amounts.

The gift recipient can then sell the gold in an emergency or make a profit by trading it in future when the price is right. You can make a lasting difference by making a positive long-term impact!

2. Invest in a business idea

You might not be able to hire your family members, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help them find a job.

Gift recipients who have a potential profitable business idea should consider investing money. This could be done by providing capital or purchasing the tools they need.

If Ah Zai, your friend, wants to sell his amazing cakes on a smaller scale but needs a larger oven, you can help him by buying an oven. You only need to understand the business idea and find out what your friend or loved one will need to make it a reality.

This gesture can help your recipient secure a source of income for the future. This gesture could even prove to be a smart financial move if you and the recipient agree to be considered an investor in the company and entitled to some of its future profits.

3. Give someone an education

This saying is probably well-known to most of us. It is why we know that investing in education can be one of the best investments you make with our money. You can get the knowledge and skills you need to achieve a better life.

Consider giving your loved ones a gift this Christmas by paying for a course, class, or lesson they are interested in. You could, for example, pay for one session of vocal training for an aspiring singer or weekend cooking classes for people who want to start their own businesses. Or, perhaps you can help a friend who has lost their job and is looking for work online in creative writing or programming.

This last example is particularly relevant today because COVID19 has revolutionized the way we work. It’s forcing more people to work online, even though they might not have the necessary skills.

4. The bank also offers money market funds products that you can invest in.

This is something you may not be aware of if you are new to investing. Unfortunately, banks are not promoting MMF products to the masses. Do you see any MMF products on any of the bank promotion pages? However, there will be one for fixed deposit.

StashAway says this is because banks want you to place money in fixed deposit accounts. MMF investments are not as leveraged as fixed deposits. Management fees will be charged by the banks at 0.25% to 0.335% per year. This is a significant reduction in fees compared to fixed deposits, which can cost anywhere from 1% to 2 percent per annum.

It is likely that you are wondering which platform is best to purchase MMF products. Which is better, the banks or digital cash management platform? It all depends on what your investment profile is. Digital cash management platforms are a better option if you are looking for low-risk investments. The bank might be the right choice if you are looking for higher returns.

5. Start a crowdfunding campaign for a friend

Although it may seem small and insignificant, we actually pay our bills and have debts every day. Let’s not forget, however, that even small amounts of money can make a big difference.

You could pay for someone’s Christmas bills and give them the chance to invest the money they have saved. It doesn’t matter if the money ends up in their savings or in a stock purchase, it would still be a great way for them to help.

Online banking and digital payment options such as JomPAY make it easier to pay your bills in Malaysia.

Some of your family members may be reluctant to share how much their monthly bills cost because they are embarrassed. You could make estimates and then pay the amount you consider appropriate.

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